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BGH Foundation

BlackGirlsHack Foundation (BGH Foundation) is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Virginia with a 501(c)(3) designation. We are a training-focused organization that was created to help increase diversity in cybersecurity by helping to bridge the gap between what is taught in educational institutions and what is necessary for careers in cybersecurity.

While several organizations cater to the interests of women and minorities in cybersecurity, black women are still severely underrepresented both in the field and by existing infrastructures. BlackGirlsHack meets the needs left unmet by existing services by providing hands-on skills that are focused on people who are upskilling and reskilling in cybersecurity.

To that end, BGH provides weekly hands-on ethical hacking workshops and training programs aimed at helping to provide technical skills and certifications to one of cybersecurity’s most underserved populations. BGH partners with some of the world’s best training organizations to offer introductory to advanced-level training through our BGH Training program.


Educate | Empower | Prepare

Our service offerings and programs were developed with our core demographic and our why in mind. 

We provide training, community and needs-based services to help educate, empower, and prepare our members for careers in technology and cybersecurity. Since 2019, we have served as a community-based organization that helps bridge the gap between what is taught in schools and what is required for industry employment. We partner with leading-edge solutions and training providers to help career changers and the industry outliers find a home within cybersecurity. Our organization represents the industry as we desire it to be while being inclusive and reflective of our community. Our vision is a diverse and inclusive cyber industry where Black women are represented in technical, leadership, and executive roles. That is our WHY!

our founder

BlackGirlsHack (BGH) was founded by Tennisha Martin, a black girl from Washington D.C. Tennisha has been working in the IT/Cyber space for over 15 years. Tennisha currently works as a Manager for Data Analytics and a Penetration Tester. Mrs. Martin has a Masters in Cybersecurity from The Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Digital Forensics from the University of Maryland. She is also an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering program. Bio


The mission of the BGH Foundation is to increase representation and empower Black girls and women in the field of information security and cyber security through skills training, mentoring, resume review, and access to low-cost resources in an inclusive environment.


The vision of The BGH Foundation is to promote a diverse and inclusive cyber industry where Black women are represented in all levels of cybersecurity, including technical, leadership, and executive roles.

comprehensive programs

BGH Foundation offers accelerated training programs in ethical hacking, network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and study groups for many of the industry’s leading certifications, including the Security+, eJPT, PNPT, and CISSP.

Comprehensive skills

We also provide hands-on skills workshops and Security+ certification to high school students to help provide STEM outreach and exposure to the next generation of cyber professionals. BGH Foundation is open to all and takes pride in its reputation as a safe space for all in the cybersecurity industry.

BGH Multiverse

The BGH Multiverse includes multiple brands within the BGH Foundation family including

BlackGirlsHack - Our cornerstone brand advocating to increase diversity of Black girls and women within Cyber

BlackMenHack - Black Men Hack too, BlackMenHack is our brand for our male counterparts

BlackKidsHack - Kindergarten through 8th grade cybersecurity awareness programs

Kids Hack Village - Kid focused workshops and training brought to cybersecurity and technology conferences

My Squad Hacks - BGH Foundation is open to all and our squad hacks. My Squad Hacks is our brand for all hackers

Cyber Things Podcast - Bring a Hacker to Work Day and all things Cyber are covered in our podcast channels available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and YouTube 

SquadCon/ Girls Hack VillageGirls Hack Village was a cybersecurity conference that provided a gender-diverse platform for women and girls in cybersecurity

We Got Next Cyber - 9th through 12th grade training program


Girls Hack Village was a cybersecurity conference that provided a gender-diverse platform for women and girls in cybersecurity, fostering discussions on their contributions, perspectives, and challenges. It offered Talks, Workshops, Discussions, and Panels to address issues affecting females in the field It was originally imagined to be apart of a larger conference as a Village but life happened and we were proud to present SquadCon to the world.

SquadCon highlights diverse contributions and experiences in cybersecurity. Addressing underrepresentation in the field, it provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about cybersecurity and hacking in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Our goal is to “Con Differently.” With a focus on inclusivity, we will promote diversity and inclusion within the cybersecurity community. Encourage speakers and panelists from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups to share their perspectives and experiences. And lastly, equally value and welcome the input of those entering the field as those who’ve been there for years.

Girls Hack Village 2022 

SquadCon 2023

Our BGH Foundation is over 2000 members strong! Here's a quick glance of who our membership body is:

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