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Assistant Director (1, Reports to Director)


Director (3, Reports to Chief Information Security Officer)

Assistant Director (5, Reports to Directors)

BlackGirlsHack  (BGH Foundation) is a volunteer organization. Volunteers must be paid members* ($49/year). Our volunteer application involves:

  • Volunteer Application (In Teams)
  • Non Disclosure Application (Docusign)
  • Volunteer Handbook Agreement (Docusign)
  • Background Check (completed annually for BGH/WGNC positions Checkr)
  • Meeting with a member of the leadership team

After your meeting with the leadership team you will select or be assigned to a department. Each department is ran by a member of the leadership team. Volunteers are expected to commit 10-12 hours per month to their volunteer activities outside of quarterly or monthly meetings. Members of the leadership team meet weekly with their departments and on working meetings ant typically spend 12-20 hours a month on BGH Foundation business. The volunteer process takes approximately two weeks.

*Volunteers who are experiencing economic hardships including students, unemployed and underemployed may apply for BGH Cares to pay their membership fee.

Strategy Department 

Diversity & Inclusion, Partnerships, Policies and Procedures, Social Media, Bring a Hacker to Work, Feature Friday

Increasing Representation – BGH Foundation’s goal is to increase diversity and representation in the Cyber field. We believe that representation matters and we hope to help increase representation by portraying Black women in Cyber.

#FeatureFridays of Black Women in Cyber through our social media campaign

The strategy department within the BGH Foundation is responsible for charting a course that aligns the nonprofit's mission with long-term goals and values. This encompasses a range of critical functions. They drive diversity and inclusion initiatives, ensuring that the organization promotes a welcoming and equitable environment, both internally and in its outreach to the community. The strategy department also focuses on building strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, fostering collaboration and shared impact. They develop and maintain policies and procedures that govern the organization's operations, ensuring compliance and ethical conduct. Additionally, they oversee the nonprofit's social media strategy, utilizing online platforms to raise awareness, engage with stakeholders, and amplify the organization's mission. Overall, the strategy department plays a key role in shaping the nonprofit's direction, values, and impact within a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

People Department 

Volunteer team, Mentoring Team, Membership, Resume Review, Mock Interviews

Volunteer Coordinator – BGH has several volunteer positions and a lot of expressed interest for volunteers so it would be great if you’ve got experience or an interest in doing this.

Mentoring – BGH Foundation believes that in addition to having the skills, and training to join the cyber field that they need to know what to expect. BGH Foundation is creating a mentoring program to help connect aspiring Cybersecurity professionals to mentors in the field.

#CyberMentoringMonday social media campaign

Mentoring programs

Resume review – BGH Foundation is helping aspiring Cybersecurity professionals to get into the field by helping them structure their resumes and represent themselves in the best way to get past the Applicant Tracking Systems and in front of a hiring manager.

The people department of the BGH Foundation plays a pivotal role in fostering an inclusive and supportive community. They oversee various functions, such as the volunteer team, which recruits, trains, and manages volunteers who are essential to the organization's operations. The mentoring team provides guidance and support to both newcomers and existing members, fostering personal and professional growth. The membership team manages the recruitment, engagement, and retention of members, ensuring they feel connected and valued within the nonprofit community. Additionally, the people department offers resume review and mock interview services, helping members develop their career skills and increase their employability. Through these multifaceted initiatives, the people department contributes to creating a vibrant and collaborative environment, nurturing personal and professional development among the nonprofit's members and volunteers.

Training/Learning Department 

Accelerator Programs, BlackKidsHack (K-8th grades), We Got Next Cyber (9th-12th grades), Practical Skills Labs, Study Groups, Friday Night Labs

Educational training programs – BGH Foundation believes that there is a high entry level cost to obtaining certification training in the cybersecurity field. To help reduce the overhead associated with getting training for cyber certifications, BGH Foundation is offering free study groups to help get aspiring Cybersecurity professionals ready for industry certifications.

CEH Study Group, Security+ Study Group, CISSP Study Group, PNPT Study Group

Friday Night Labs – Hands on practical skills labs taught in TryHackMe, Hack The Box or other Cyber Training lab environments

The training department of the BGH Foundation organization with a focus on cybersecurity plays a critical role in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard sensitive data and digital assets. Their primary mission is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity training programs, educating staff, volunteers, and sometimes the wider community on best practices for preventing cyber threats and responding to security incidents. These programs often cover topics such as penetration testing, threat detection, secure data handling, and incident response protocols. Additionally, the training department may offer certification study groups and workshops, fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness and readiness within the organization and beyond. By doing so, they contribute to strengthening the overall cyber resilience of the nonprofit and its stakeholders, ensuring that digital operations remain secure and trustworthy.

Technology Department

BGH Cloud Lab, Technology, Infrastructure, Onboarding/Offboarding

The technology department within the BGH Foundation organization is instrumental in harnessing the power of technology to enhance the organization's efficiency and productivity. They manage the technology infrastructure, ensuring that the network, hardware, and software systems are well-maintained and up-to-date. This includes safeguarding data, implementing cybersecurity measures, and troubleshooting IT issues. Moreover, the technology department plays a key role in onboarding and offboarding personnel, streamlining the integration of new team members with access to necessary resources and managing the transition of departing employees to protect sensitive information. Their role is pivotal in maintaining the technological backbone that empowers the nonprofit to effectively pursue its mission and make a positive impact on its communities.

BGH Cloud Labs (Virtualization Program ) One of the barriers for entry for cybersecurity professionals is not being able to create a home lab or a virtual lab due to the high costs of operating in the cloud and the resource intensiveness of home lab virtualization setups. To help reduce the barriers to entry into Cyber BGH Foundation is creating BGH Cloud Labs a program to help create a cloud lab that will allow students to participate in lab exercises that will provide them with hands on skills to help aid their entry into cybersecurity.

Operations Department

The operations department of the BGH Foundation organization is the backbone that ensures the seamless functioning of the organization's day-to-day activities. This multifaceted team takes charge of managing a wide array of tasks, including overseeing organizational assets, scheduling events and conferences, and curating newsletters and blogs to keep stakeholders informed and engaged. They play a pivotal role in coordinating various events and activities, ensuring everything runs smoothly. In addition, the operations department is responsible for monitoring and assessing the organizational impact, helping the nonprofit measure its success and make data-driven improvements. Ultimately, their efficient management of these diverse operational facets enables the nonprofit to achieve its goals, maintain an active presence, and deliver on its mission effectively.

Security Department

Pentests, Security Audits, Incident Response

The security department of BGH Foundation organization plays a crucial role in safeguarding its people, assets, and operations. These dedicated professionals are responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive security strategies to ensure the safety of employees, volunteers, and beneficiaries, as well as protecting the organization's valuable resources and information. They assess potential risks, establish access control measures, and monitor the organization's premises to prevent unauthorized access and potential security breaches. In addition to physical security, they also manage cybersecurity to defend against online threats and data breaches. The security department's primary objective is to create a secure environment that fosters trust, allowing the nonprofit to focus on its core mission and activities, free from the worry of security concerns.

Executive Office Department

The Executive Office of BGH Foundation holds a pivotal role in guiding the organization's strategic direction and ensuring its mission and vision are realized. They provide strong leadership by nurturing and developing a team of experts, empowering them to excel in their roles, and driving innovation in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. The Executive Director is not only the steward of the organization's mission, ensuring that it remains focused on protecting digital environments and data, but also the visionary who shapes its long-term goals and objectives. They lead by example, setting the tone for the entire organization, and collaborate with the board to define the organizational direction. Through their leadership, the Executive Director steers the nonprofit towards fulfilling its mission, safeguarding digital spaces, and advancing cybersecurity awareness and practices in the broader community.

Development Department

Grant writing, Fundraising

The development department of the BGH Foundation organization plays a pivotal role in sustaining and expanding its vital work. Comprised of grant writers, fundraisers, and donor relations SMES, this department is responsible for securing the necessary financial resources to support the organization's mission. Grant writers meticulously research funding opportunities and craft persuasive proposals to win grants from government agencies, foundations, and corporations. Fundraisers engage with individual donors, organizing events, campaigns, and appeals to generate contributions. They also cultivate and maintain relationships with major donors, ensuring ongoing support. Overall, the development department is instrumental in ensuring the financial stability and growth of the nonprofit, allowing it to continue making a positive impact in the communities it serves.

Financial Department

Bookkeeping, financial audits, accounting, budgeting

The financial department of the BGH Foundation organization plays a critical role in maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency. It encompasses a range of financial functions, including accounting and bookkeeping, which involves recording all financial transactions, maintaining accurate records, and generating financial statements. These tasks are essential for ensuring compliance with financial regulations and providing stakeholders with a clear financial snapshot of the organization's activities. Additionally, the financial department is responsible for managing budgets, both for day-to-day operations and specific projects or programs. This entails creating, monitoring, and adjusting budgets to allocate resources effectively, track expenditures, and maximize the impact of funds. By overseeing these financial aspects, the financial department helps the nonprofit maintain financial stability, make informed financial decisions, and fulfill its mission while being accountable to donors and stakeholders.

Legal Department

Contracts, Intellectual Property, Legal protections

The legal department of the BGH Foundation organization plays a multifaceted role in ensuring compliance, protection, and the smooth functioning of the organization. This department is responsible for managing various legal aspects, including the negotiation and drafting of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with partners and collaborators, helping to establish clear terms for cooperative efforts. They also oversee the protection of the nonprofit's intellectual property, such as trademarks and copyrights, safeguarding the organization's branding and assets. Moreover, the legal team is instrumental in reviewing, drafting, and managing contracts, whether with vendors, employees, or service providers, to guarantee that all parties are operating within the legal framework and upholding the nonprofit's best interests. By effectively managing these legal aspects, the legal department ensures the nonprofit's operational integrity, risk mitigation, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Board and Executive Leadership 

BGH Foundation has 3 vacant Board seats and several open executive leadership positions. Positions require submission of a resume, Non Disclosure Agreement, a minimum 1 year commitment and approval by the existing Board of Directors. Board and Executive Leadership must be volunteers for 6 months minimum before they can be appointed to board.  Effective 10/1/2023, all Board and Executive Leadership must be paid members.

***All Volunteers (except mentors) will be requested to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement.***

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