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Red Team Training Program

BlackGirlsHack is conscious of the need to change demographics in Offensive security and is developing programs to help bridge the gap and educate its members through an 18 month program called the BGH Red Team Training Program. The program, which require applicants to meet once a week, will provide students with a hands-on ethical hacking labs, books, instructor led teaching, and exam vouchers for the eight industry certifications including the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+, Pentest+ and Network+, eLearnSecurity ejPT and CPPT, the cyber mentor’s PNPT, and Offensive Security’s OSCP. Program objectives include ensuring that 20 neuro-diverse members will receive hands on training in tools and techniques that will allow them to obtain industry certifications and hands on skills that will allow them to obtain entry to mid-level jobs in penetration testing. After the pilot phase of the program has been completed, BGH is committed to running the program twice a year to increase the number of diverse certified ethical hackers in the industry.

BGH Red Team Training is provided by the following vendors, many of which have provided BGH with specialized pricing which reduced the total cost of running the program. 

  • RangeForce - Cybersecurity Basics

  • Cybrary - Cybersecurity Basics

  • ISC2 - Certified in Cybersecurity

  • CompTIA - Security+, Network+, Pentest+

  • INE - eJPT, eCPPTv2

  • The Cyber Mentor - PNPT

  • Offensive Security - OSCP

  • Hack the Box - OSCP-like Boxes

  • Masterfully - OWASP Web Security Testing Guide Training

Blue Team Training Program

The Blue Team Training Program (BTTP) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at equipping cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in defensive operations. This program focuses on empowering participants to proactively detect, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats, ultimately enhancing overall cyber resilience. 


  • Enhance technical and analytical skills in various topics (ie “Security through DNS – Shifting all the way left”)

  • Provide a hands-on learning experience through realistic cyber-attack simulations. Creating additional qualified members from diverse populations trained in an inclusive environment.

  • Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.

Outcomes: Upon completion, participants will:

  • Become expert blue team members with advanced threat detection and incident analysis skills.

  • Strengthen their incident response capabilities, resulting in reduced response times.

  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing within their organizations.

Benefits: BTTP offers several key benefits:

  • Elevated Cybersecurity Posture: Graduates' advanced skills and proactive defense techniques enhance their organizations' overall cybersecurity posture, leading to reduced successful cyber-attacks and data breaches.

  • Talent Retention and Attraction: Organizations investing in employee skill development experience increased employee satisfaction and retention, attracting top cybersecurity talent.

Impact: The program's impact extends beyond individual participants and organizations:

  • Strengthened Cyber Resilience: Graduates contribute to building resilient cybersecurity infrastructures, safeguarding critical assets, and ensuring business continuity.

  • Job Seekers Gaining Employment: Graduates of the program, particularly job seekers looking to enter the cybersecurity field, will possess specialized skills and experience, making them attractive candidates for cybersecurity positions.

Cloud Training Program

The BGH Cloud Cybersecurity Certification Program that provide students with hands-on cloud cybersecurity labs, books, instructor led teaching, and exam vouchers for the six industry certifications depending on the track selected. The basis for each track will include three cybersecurity certifications, the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity, CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA Cloud+. The tracks will include cloud certifications from top companies including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • ISC2
  • Comptia

GRC Training Program

Coming Soon

BGH x SANS BRAIN Offensive Security Academy (BOSA)

The SANS x BGH BOSA is a 3 month offensive security training program where students take 3 SANS certifications to help prepare them for careers in offensive security. The SANS x BGH BSA academy is a pilot program with 8 participants sponsored by sans to help BGH pilot the academy for expansion across all of BGH.

Certified Ethical Hacking Accelerator Program

The program, which require applicants to meet 3 times a week, provides students with a hands-on ethical hacking lab, e-book, instructor led teaching, and an exam voucher for the Certified Ethical Hacking v12 exam. Program objectives include ensuring that 10-20 diverse members will receive hands on training in tools and techniques that will allow them to obtain Certified Ethical Hacking certification and hands on skills that will allow them to obtain entry level jobs in penetration testing. This program is ran twice a year.

PNPT Accelerator Program

The PNPT Accelerator program is a training program which meets twice a week and provides students with hands-on network penetration testing, video instruction models, instructor led lab sessions and an exam voucher for TCM Security's Practical Network Penetration Testing Exam. 

The PNPT certification exam is a one-of-a-kind ethical hacking certification exam that assesses a student’s ability to perform an external and internal network penetration test at a professional level. Students will have five (5) full days to complete the assessment and an additional two (2) days to write a professional report.

In order to receive the certification, a student must:

Perform Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to gather intel on how to properly attack the network

Leverage their Active Directory exploitation skillsets to perform A/V and egress bypassing, lateral and vertical network movements, and ultimately compromise the exam Domain Controller

Provide a detailed, professionally written report

Perform a live 15-minute report debrief in front of our assessors, comprised of all senior penetration testers

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